About us

About Us

D-Lifestyle is a private members concierge service created by experts in the fields of entertainment and international travel, with experience providing personal assistance and lifestyle management to clients around the world. Our unique web of service providers spans well into the Middle East, Europe and beyond. Our clients vary from corporations to discerning individuals.

Our service is second-to-none in quality and execution. Confidentiality is absolute and satisfaction guaranteed. All services are provided with a maximum of discretion.

What is D-Lifestyle Management?

Elite Lifestyle Management is a concept created for people with busy lives. It is the ultimate commodity for those who wish to free up their time for more important issues, be that work, family or friends.

Legal information?

D lifestyle management
Email: hello@d-lifestyle.com
We are a concierge service


* 6 Month membership 1800 €
* 12 Months 3500
For any other requests, please get in touch with us.