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D-Lifestyle works 24/7/365 to bring you cutting edge service and resources that liberate your time at work and in your personal life and free you up to enjoy the activities that you love best, in luxury. To benefit from our exclusive and unique time bending services and paramount resources, join D-Lifestyle’s as a Member by submitting your request for vetting and approval.

We work to liberate your time

› Elite travel arrangements local and international
› Location management
› Recommendations and itinerary suggestions for gastronomy, activities and more..
› Inaccessible event access
› Elite lifestyle accessories
› Corporate league rates and discounts
› Luxury real estate and accommodation services
› Bespoke event organization: Corporate and private
› Nightlife & Entertainment
› A List Celebrity hosting and entertainment
› D-Lifestyle Management & Concierge Services

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We wish you all the success with your application and look forward to welcoming you into the D-Lifestyle Federation as a fully-fledged Member.

Limited membership

*To assure the highest quality service possible and meticulous attention to individual needs, membership places are LIMITED and are subject to approval.

*6 Month membership 1800 €

*12 Months 3500

For any other requests, please get in touch with us.

Fast, efficient, professional, reliable and discreet we possess the resources, contacts and experience, to cover an incalculable range of products and services.